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How to take Digital Rights Management to the Next Level

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The DRM solution of your DAM dreams

You may know your rights, but do you know the rights of your digital assets?

Your content may include models and branded products. Your challenge, before publishing or using any of these photos in a campaign, is to be certain you’re not violating any of the contractual rights.

This webinar will demonstrate how DAM and DRM work together to uncomplicate the creative process and limit liability based on digital rights.

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  • The role of DAM in your workflow
  • Integrating DRM and DAM
  • Demonstrations of the software
  • Real-life scenarios

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marion Sicre Marketing Manager @ Esko

  • Guest speaker
    Addison Wasson Product Manager @ MediaBeacon

    Addison uses his product knowledge to propose and develop solutions that drive today’s most thriving businesses. Addison has an extensive background in Enterprise solutions and has worked with MediaBeacon for 9 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Gregg Guest Vice President of Product Management Cloud Platform @ Fadel

    Gregg Guest is responsible for driving FADEL’s Rights Cloud product strategies and growing the company’s presence in the digital rights management arena.

  • Guest speaker
    DG G
    Devi Gupta Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alliances @ FADEL


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