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#2 Esko Sustainability Series: Understanding the Green Deal – Berndt+Partner Consultants

About this event

Understanding the Green Deal

A New Best Practice to Achieve your Sustainability Goals

Guest Speaker: Matthias Giebel -Partner, Berndt+Partner Consultants GmbH

Is environmental sustainability a key focus within your business this year?

Given the increasing consumer demand for it – it should be. Consumers are keen to know what businesses are doing to protect our planet, and this affects brands and convertors alike.

Let sustainability subject matter experts help you advance your ambitions with our sustainability events featuring experts, thought leaders, and representatives from across the packaging industry who give their take on how businesses can successfully turn the dial on sustainability.

This 2nd virtual coffee break session will provide Berndt+Partner Consultants' expert headline overview on the Green Deal concept along with best practices to achieve your Sustainability Goals.

This session will:

  • Introduce the Green Deal concept
  • Explore key market drives in relation to EU laws and regulations that are impacting
  • Discuss how brands are responding to these market challenges
  • Share best practice examples and approaches to successfully apply the Green Deal concept within business

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Matthias Giebel Partner @ Berndt+Partners Consultants GmbH

    After studying Packaging Technology at TFH Berlin (University of applied sciences), he joined the institute of packaging and environmental questions founded by Professor Dieter Berndt that later became the company Berndt+Partner. Matthias is B+P partner for Sustainability & Innovation since 2000 responsible for far more than 250 projects within the packaging and consumer goods industries.

  • Team member
    Jan De Roeck Marketing Director @ Esko

    Jan De Roeck is highly respected and trusted for his insight in the graphic arts industry and his level of understanding of customer workflows and market requirements. He is a frequently asked speaker at industry events and represents Esko at different professional trade associations.


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