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Esko invites you to their webinar

Crystal Screening for Flexible Packaging and beyond

About this webinar

Optimizing Flexographic Print Quality Through Prepress Technology

As flexographic print quality continues to improve, the impact of prepress technology on print quality becomes increasingly obvious. This presentation will describe Esko’s latest screening technologies in detail and focus on how to optimize these technologies under your production conditions.

We’ll first review Crystal Screening and the Print Control Wizard in detail, then take a look at the future developments and their impact on print quality.

Key Take-Aways

  • Crystal Screening uses cell patterns in solids and halftone dots to improve flexographic print quality.
  • Crystal screens now have even more parameters – including cell pattern parameters, highlight dot size, and highlight dot frequency.
  • While optimizing all parameters can be difficult for a human, it’s easy for Print Control Wizard.
  • The Print Control Wizard optimization technology developed for single color optimization is now being applied to 4c and beyond.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Samworth Product Specialist - Color @ Esko

    Mark joined Esko in 1997 to work on the development, marketing, and industry support of Esko color products. These include screening, calibration, color management, and expanded gamut. He holds 11 patents in digital imaging – including FlexoCal, Hybrid Screening, Plate Cell Patterning, Concentric...


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