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ESS Engineering Software Steyr Gmbh invites you to their event

How to overcome paint shop challenges with the help of simulation

About this event

🧐 You are looking for a cost-effective solution to:

  • optimize your automotive paint shop lines
  • improve design performance without costly prototypes
  • reduce the time-to-market for your new car model
  • run complex paint shop simulations without any CFD expertise
  • reduce resource and energy consumption, and drastically save expenses
  • predict and resolve paint quality issues, and save warranty costs

Our solution suite - alsim Paint Shop, might be the most apt tool to help you achieve your goals with simulations tailored for each paintshop application. Wait till you attend our webinar, and see for yourself.

🎓 From this session, you will learn how to overcome certain challenges in automotive paint shop with the help of simulation results. You can take advantage of alsim Paint Shop to predict and prevent problems that you encounter with your paint shop processes. We will also introduce you to the specific modules designed for each process in paint shop.

We will show you how to:

  • approve design in prototype phase for existing paint lines based on quality issues. (All applications)
  • identify problem areas which can be solved in the new data freeze.(All applications)
  • identify source for paint quality issue in the production phase (Bake Drip; Drainage)
  • prove impact on the quality to increase the production rate / reduce energy consumption (Ecoat ➡️ lesser time in tank + lower voltage profile; Oven ➡️ reduce temperature + shorter time spent)

🔎 Ask our experts through our dedicated Q&A session, and find out what's best suited for your needs.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Matthias Rettenbacher Head of Marketing @ ESS

    Polyglot, communication specialist and copywriter with a broad interest in technology, arts & society, in addition to 3 years of documented success in the field of customer/community management.

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Koncz Senior Simulation Engineer @ ESS

    Passionate about vehicles, he has several years of experience in CFD simulation & s/w product management with a focus on painting systems, corrosion protection and data preparation in the automotive industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Vishal Nair

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