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ESS Engineering Software Steyr Gmbh invites you to their webinar

Optimize your Paintshop process with us!

About this webinar

Burning the midnight oil to learn Paintshop Simulations? Mind-numbingly painful task of simulating processes? High-priced simulation softwares?

Let’s change that for good!

Utilize the opportunity in disguise that this difficult time has presented, by learning about our product – alsim Paint Shop. Highly automated and optimized, this revolutionary product allows you to simulate the most complex paintshop processes such as Drainage & AirBubbles, E-coating, Baking, Spray waxing. Our solution, alsim Paint Shop, could be the best answer to your paintshop process and expenditure concerns. And here’s why:

  • It predicts the quality issues, thereby saving on warranty costs
  • It helps you avoid the expense and pain of finding a CFD engineer, as even a paintshop engineer could do the simulation for you.
  • It optimizes the paintshop lines, which drastically reduces energy & resource usage, cost and time.
  • There is a major decrease in the man hours and the hardware expenses involved.

After this webinar, you will have learned how to run your paintshop simulations on your own, without any delay! Make sure you utilize our dedicated Q&A section to consult our experts.

Thanks, and hope to see you for the webinar!

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    Matthias Rettenbacher Head of Marketing @ ESS Engineering Software Steyr Gmbh

    Polyglot, communication specialist and copywriter with a broad interest in technology, arts & society, in addition to 3 years of documented success in the field of customer/community management.

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    Vishal Nair CTO @ ESS Engineering Software Steyr Gmbh

    Product Manager with 12+ years of experience in Product Management, Project Management, Business Development, Solution Development in the field of CAE and Process Automation

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