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The value of converting to an anti-bribery management system

About this event

Designed to answer all of the questions you’ve had about anti-bribery management systems and why their creation has been so important for the compliance industry.

In this webinar, our general manager Fabien Joly de Bresillon relies on his incredible expertise in anti-bribery management systems to deliver valuable knowledge and frankness about why he believes your organisation should be considering the switch to an ABMS.

The webinar covers:

  • Explanation: What is an anti-bribery management system (ABMS)?
  • In-Depth Breakdown: How an ABMS differs from your current ABAC programme and what value does it provide?
  • Proof: How does certification tie in to the ABMS structure?
  • Starting Point: What needs to be done in order to make the conversion to an ABMS?

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ETHIC Intelligence is a certification agency that focuses on compliance and anti-bribery through audits according to ISO standards. Our specialised auditors audit against ISO 37001, ISO 37301 and ISO 37002.