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3D Sensors Competition - 3rd Edition

About this event

Welcome back to Euclid Labs' webinar series "3D Sensors Competition"!

This webinar series compares different 3D Industrial sensors to highlight their strength and peculiarities. What is the best 3D sensor for bin picking? We will try to answer this question.

But first, let's discover the participants of our third edition:

  • Mizar 1200, the brand new 3D industrial camera by Euclid Labs;
  • Keyence RB-1200 by Keyence;
  • Mech-eye PRO M by Mech-Mind;
  • Cirrus 1200, by Visionerf;
  • Phoxi L by Photoneo;
  • Zivid 2+ by Zivid.

Register now to watch these sensors in action and learn more about them!

Don't miss the final Q&A.

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    Roberto Polesel CEO and Cofounder @ Euclid Labs s.r.l.

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