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Eurofound invites you to their event

Future of work

About this event

Watch Eurofound's two hour webinar on the future of work in Europe. In this webinar Eurofound experts and stakeholders address the following issues:

Are robots taking our jobs? The impact of new technology on work and skills in the EU

In a session based on Eurofound’s project on the Future of Manufacturing in Europe and related research on the task content of jobs, the panel will explore how technological progress and other drivers of change are transforming the nature of work throughout the economy. Speakers will respond to questions on the impact of digital developments on employment, whether technological progress means robots are becoming smarter than humans or is it that tasks in work are changing and new skills are required to perform them. The participants will also look at how shaping these developments can promote economic growth and improve working conditions.

Shaping the future for platform workers in the EU: Opportunities and challenges

Platform work – the online matching of supply and demand for paid work – remains small-scale in Europe but is evolving rapidly. While challenging established institutions and structures, this employment form provides opportunities for the labour market, economy and society. Based on recent Eurofound research which identifies specific types of platform work, a panel of government and social partner representatives will discuss the potential positive and negative implications of platform work and ideas on how to deal with this new form of work.

This webinar was recorded on 4 December 2018 as part of the Virtual World Tour.


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. Eurofound is the tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies