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Webinar: Investment Fireside Chat

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This event is organized in cooperation with the CEFA: https://www.club-economique-franco-allemand.org/

Especially for early-stage start-ups funding mostly comes from investors of their home market as proximity, cultural understanding and network are crucial. Depending on your start-up project and your industry, inviting investors from foreign target markets to the table is a smart move that should be wisely considered. Not only will they have a positive impact on your growth strategy and the development of your company but they also help open up your vision to international markets very early on. This is a huge value added to your start-up.

In this investment fireside chat the European Champions Alliance Co-Founder Andrea Vaugan will discuss with Ryan Lober, CEO of the French robotics company Fuzzy Logic and their investors Yvan-Michel Ehkirch and Benjamin Zerbib from the deep-tech early-stage VC fund Karista from France as well as Julian von Fischer from the Munich based industry-specialized seed-stage investor 42Cap on how this deal came together. Our guests will share why seeking funding in core target markets France and Germany has a positive impact on the development of Fuzzy Logic and what the investors will do to leverage their market knowledge and network to help the start-up scale on European markets.

More information on the fundraising for Fuzzy Logic here: Fuzzy Logic Raises €2.5 Million To Put Robots In The Hands Of Operators, September 10, 2021

Questions we’ll discuss together in this fireside chat:

  1. Why did Fuzzy Logic choose this strategic investment strategy?
  2. How did their CEO Ryan find the investors, what was the search and decision process?
  3. What are the experiences for all stakeholders in this deal? Why was it a good idea?
  4. What recommendations do the speakers give to start-ups looking for seed or early-stage funding?

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  • Team member
    Andrea Vaugan Secretary General @ European Champions Alliance

    We connect & support European Tech companies

  • Guest speaker
    RL G
    Ryan Lober Co-Founder & CEO @ Fuzzy Logic

  • Guest speaker
    Jv G
    Julian von Fischer Venture Capital @ 42 Cap

  • Guest speaker
    YE G
    Yvan-Michel Ehrkirch Managing Partner @ Karista

  • Team member
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    Bjarne Möller

  • Guest speaker
    BZ G
    Benjamin Zerbib Investment Director @ Karista

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