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European Commission - DG FISMA invites you to their webinar

Digital Finance Outreach - Insurtech

About this webinar

The European Commission is calling Digital Finance stakeholders across the EU to join us for an online roundtable on the topic of Insurtech


How InsurTech is changing the insurance sector? What are the current trends and developments in the EU? What areas of the insurance value chain are most affected?

What new opportunities and challenges arise from digitalisation in insurance? What are the main issues related to Big Data/AI and digital ethics in insurance? How should EU regulation in general and insurance services regulation in particular handle those new opportunities and risks?

What would be  the main benefits and risks of a possible open data sharing framework in insurance? What type of consumer’s data should be included in the scope of open data sharing and under what conditions? What, if any,  are the obstacles to the use of this data in the current legislative framework? What regulatory changes, if any,  would be required to harness the benefits of data sharing open Insurance and to mitigate the risks?

Is the EU insurance regulatory framework technology neutral, including from licencing and increased online sale/distribution perspective? Is the principle “same activities, same risks, same rules” respected in insurance? What is the role played by insurance platforms/ecosystems and BigTech firms in insurance? Are there any InsurTech business models not fitting to the current regulatory framework (e.g. Peer-to-Peer insurance; DLT-based business models, Managing General Agents etc.)?

Do you see further obstacles/barriers to a Single Market for digital insurance services and how should they be addressed? How to allow and encourage the development that is desired while preventing the undesirable?

This event will be chaired by Peter Ohrlander, Policy Officer in DG FISMA's InsuranceUnit. Please send any written contributions on the topic to peter.ohrlander@ec.europa.eu

The Digital Finance public consultation is available here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2020-digital-finance-strategy_en

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    Peter Ohrlander

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    Alexander Stevens Policy Officer @ DG FISMA

    Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union

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    Andres Lehtmets Expert on InsurTech @ EIOPA

European Commission - DG FISMA

Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union