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European Commission - DG FISMA invites you to their webinar

Digital Finance Outreach - Slovenia

About this webinar

The Digital Finance Outreach 2020 (“DFO”) is a series of events organised in collaboration with Member States in February-May 2020 on fintech and digital innovation in the financial sector to prepare the new EU Digital Finance Strategy.

This will be an occasion to:

  • Gather together the key stakeholders in digital finance from across the EU and encourage them to exchange their experiences;
  • Create awareness around the Commission’s ongoing and forthcoming work on digital finance;
  • Generating publicity to stimulate responses on the European Commission's public consultations;
  • Create more collaboration between the various EU fintech hubs in line with the Commission's priority in creating a Single Market for Digital Finance.

The public consultation is available here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2020-digital-finance-strategy_en


Europe on the way to digital finance

Digitalisation is transforming the European financial system and the provision of financial services to Europe’s businesses and citizens. In the past years, the EU and the Commission embraced digitalisation and innovation in the financial sector through a combination of horizontal policies mainly implemented under the umbrella of the Digital Single Market Strategy, the Cyber Strategy and the Data economy and sectoral initiatives such as the revised Payment Services Directive, the recent political agreement on the crowdfunding regulation and the FinTech Action Plan.

In order to promote digital fonance in Europe, while adequately regulating its risks, in light of the mission letter of Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis, the Commission services are working towards a new Digital Finance Strategy for the EU. Key areas of reflection include deepening the Single Market for digital financial services, promoting a data-driven financial sector in the EU while addressing its risks and ensuring a true level playing field, making the EU financial services regulatory framework more innovation-friendly, and enhancing the digital operational resilience of the financial system.

The event will highlight different views on the topic of digital finance and cryptro assets and is one of the series of events, organized by DG FISMA, this time in cooperation with the Ministry of economic development and technology, Slovenia.

What can you expect: the presentation of the views of the Commission (DG FISMA, DG CNECT) on digital finance, how the digital identity fits into digital perspective of finance, how SMEs can easier access to finance and financial instruments using blockchain and the view of regulator on crypto assets.


1) DG FISMA - Laszlo Butt

2) DG CNECT - Pierre Marro

3) Slovenian Government office for Financial Administration, Peter Grum

4) Daniel Du Seuil, European Blockchain partnership (ESSIF Convenor)

5) Jan Klesla, Ministry of Economy, Czech Republic

Moderator: Nena Dokuzov, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia

Hosted by

  • Team member
    ND T
    Nena Dokuzov Head of Project group for Blockchain @ Ministry of economic development and technology

  • Team member
    LB T
    Laszlo Butt Policy officer @ European Commission - DG FISMA

  • Team member
    Alexander Stevens Policy Officer @ DG FISMA

    Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union

European Commission - DG FISMA

Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union