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European Commission - DG FISMA invites you to their webinar

Digital Sustainable Finance - how can digital finance support sustainability?

About this webinar

The European Commission is calling Digital Finance stakeholders across the EU to join us for an online roundtable on the topic of Digital Sustainable Finance - how can digital finance support sustainability? 


Potential of digital tools for integrating sustainability into the financial sector

How can digital finance solutions empower European investors (consumers, retail investors, institutional investors) to support sustainability, channel their money to finance the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and sustainable future? Are there any important regulatory or non-regulatory barriers impeding the development and scale up of digital solutions in this area? What infrastructures are necessary for the full deployment of innovative digital solutions in sustainable finance (e.g. green sandbox, open data, common data centres, data standardisation)? What would be the role of public authorities and in particular the European Commission in this area? 

Accessibility and transparency of sustainability-relevant data

How can digital innovation such as machine learning, blockchain and the Internet of Things increase transparency and accountability in sustainable finance? Besides the planned revision of the Non-financial reporting directive (NFRD), should the European Commission take action to grant wider access to publically available sustainability disclosures by companies and investors? As the European data strategy announced the development of a Common European Green Deal data space, what specific ESG data would you find most useful to access through such a platform? Is there something that the EU could do to reduce the cost of verifying sustainability-relevant data? In particular, is there something that the EU can do to make it easier for SMEs to collect, verify and share sustainability-relevant data through digital tools?

Use of digital tools for co-financing of public projects

How could local authorities use digital tools to involve EU citizens in co-financing local sustainable projects? What are the main barriers (regulatory or other) that prevent this from happening? Do you see room for EU intervention in this area and if so what kind of intervention?

Greening FinTech

Are there specific measures needed at EU level to ensure that the digital transformation of the European financial sector is environmentally sustainable (e.g. energy consumption of datacentres, blockchain)?

Open discussion – other important areas

In which other areas do you see significant potential for digital tools to contribute to the financing of European Green Deal and related public or private projects? In which related areas do you see an important role for the EU or Member States?

This event will be chaired by Alexander Stevens, Policy Officer in DG FISMA's Digital Finance Unit. Please send any written contributions on the topic to alexander.stevens@ec.europa.eu.

The Digital Finance public consultation is available here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2020-digital-finance-strategy_en

The Sustainable Finance public consultation is available here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2020-sustainable-finance-strategy_en

Hosted by

  • Team member
    TV T
    Tomas Vaclavicek

  • Guest speaker
    MH G
    Marianne Haahr Director @ Green Digital Finance Alliance

  • Guest speaker
    ES G
    Eva Sadoun CEO & Co-Founder @ Lita.co

  • Team member
    LC T
    Lucile Collin Policy Officer @ DG FISMA

  • Team member
    Alexander Stevens Policy Officer @ DG FISMA

    Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union

  • Guest speaker
    CR G
    Cecilia Repinski Chairman @ Sotckholm Green Digital Finance

  • Guest speaker
    SZ G
    Simon Zadek Sherpa @ UNSG's Task Force on Digital Financing of the SDGs

European Commission - DG FISMA

Shaping digital finance policies for the European Union