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European Edtech Alliance invites you to their event

Launch of the European Edtech Alliance 🚀

About this event

Join us for the official launch of the European Edtech Alliance on June 8th and learn more about European Edtech trends and insights.

Presentation of the European Edtech Alliance, our members and goals by Svenia Busson, co-founder of the European Edtech Alliance and VP at Edtech France

Maria Spies, co-founder of HolonIQ will then give us an overview of the European Edtech ecosystem and market in regards to the rest of the world as well as large trends she sees emerging from our continent.

David Guérin, principal at Brighteye Ventures, will share his insights on the evolution of the European Edtech market in the past few years as well as some perspectives on Edtech investment trends in Europe.

Then, we'll have a panel discussion with European Edtech founders to discuss how they fueled their growth in Europe and how they see the market evolving. The following founders will participate in this discussion:

Marie Mérouze, CEO of Marbotic 🇫🇷

Martin Sjöstrand, CEO of Lexplore 🇸🇪

Manjit Sareen, CEO of Natterhub 🇬🇧

The Alliance members are looking forward to seeing you at the event !

Austria - EdTech Austria - edtechaustria.at - Hannes Aichmayr

Denmark - EdTech Denmark - edtechdenmark.dk - Esben Trier

Estonia - EdTech Estonia - edtechestonia.org - Annely Tank

Finland - Edtech Finland - edtechfinland.com - Heini Karppinen

Finland - xEdu - xedu.co - Antti Korhonen

France - AFINEF - afinef.net - Philippe Mero, Pierre Laborde

France - EDTech France - edtechfrance.fr - Anne-Charlotte Monneret

Germany - Bündnis für Bildung e.V. - bfb.org - Beth Havinga

Germany - EDUvation - eduvation.de - Tobias Himmerich

Italy - Edtech Italy (coming soon!) - Donatella Solda

Lithuania - EdTech Lithuania - edtechlithuania.com - Ginvile Ramanauskaite

Norway - IKT-Norge - ikt-norge.no/ - Ingeborg Frøysnes

Poland - EdTech Poland - edtechpoland.pl - Rafal Lew-Starowicz, Mateusz Rybiński

Spain - Edutech Cluster - edutechcluster.org/en/ - Anna Gual

Spain - Institución Educativa SEK - seklab.es - Félix López Capel 

Sweden - Edtech Southeast Sweden - edtechsoutheast.se - Niclas Melin

Sweden - Swedish Edtech Industry - swedishedtechindustry.se - Jannie Jeppesen

Switzerland - Swiss EdTech Collider -  edtech-collider.ch - Roman Bruegger

The Netherlands - Dutch Edtech dutchedtech.com - Peter van Sabben

The Netherlands - The Dutch School - thedutchschool.com - Linda Frietman

United Kingdom - British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) - besa.org.uk - Nina Iles

United Kingdom - SuperCharger Ventures - superchargerventures.com - Janos Barberis

Nordics - Nordic EdTech Forum - N8 - nordicedtechforum.org - Märt Aro

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Spies Co-founder @ HolonIQ

  • Team member
    Svenia Busson Co-founder @ European Edtech Alliance

    Co-founder @ LearnSpace @ European Edtech Alliance | VP @ Edtech France | Explorer @ Edtech Tours | Author @ Exploring Education

  • Guest speaker
    NI G
    Nina Iles

  • Guest speaker
    JJ G
    Jannie Jeppesen

  • Guest speaker
    Marie Mérouze CEO @ Marbotic

  • Guest speaker
    Manjit Sareen CEO @ Natterhub

  • Guest speaker
    Martin Sjöstrand CEO @ Lexplore

  • Guest speaker
    David Guérin Principal @ Brighteye Ventures

European Edtech Alliance

The European Edtech Alliance is a consortium of national trade associations and clusters in Europe.

The European Edtech Alliance (EEA) is a consortium of national trade associations and clusters working with founders and providers of education technology (Edtech), to support the domestic and international growth of these businesses and the innovations they represent.