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How to connect IoT and BIM to implement the built asset Digital Twin?

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Enable full lifecycle management for IoT instrumentation

Are you facing any of the following problems while working on system integration?

  • Out-of-sync data or conflicting information from sensors
  • Unmanaged IoT sensors deployment and lack of historical data from the field
  • Incoming IoT data are difficult to exploit without a proper vision of the context
  • “Dumb” IoT sensors are “short-sighted” without an appropriate vision of the surrounding environment

Benefit from managed behavioural scenarios with the new ShareAspace iAIM 1.1!

Join us for the forthcoming webinar to see how IoT networks and BIM can be connected to implement the built asset Digital Twin. During this webinar, we will cover how the built Asset Digital Twin implements open standards like IFC and ISO 81346 to structure and leverage IoT data from heterogeneous sources.

Sign up now for our webinar to learn how digital twins for built assets can be implemented by connecting IoT and BIM information sources.

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    Jonas Rosén Technical Fellow, Principal Architect @ Eurostep

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    Eurostep Ab Webinar team @ Eurostep

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    Sylvain Marie Director of Industry Vertical AEC & Plant @ Eurostep

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