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Redefine and transform your communication with suppliers without replacing your existing systems

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For quite some time now, supply chain communication and collaboration across engineering value chains has been a hot topic on business agendas. Reports claim that over two-thirds of the world's leading companies see a need for improvement in this area in order for them to increase their revenue and hopefully also their profit.

What's so unique in this B2B communication that it makes my company keep investing in both legacy systems, which come with an enormous maintenance cost as well as new innovative "mushroom" solutions that lives and dies with a single, often very clever, engineer. Why can't we just capitalize on our existing ERP and/or PLM investments also for this purpose?

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing, is a solution to stay in control of the information shared with suppliers and partners, regardless if you're in a "WhiteBox"-relationship with your suppliers, i.e. build according to my specifications, in a "BlackBox"-relationship, i.e. purchase of parts based on functional specifications, something in between or even all of the above.

Join us for this webinar to learn how ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing is able to improve your communication processes without replacing existing systems!

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  • Guest speaker
    Magnus Färneland Director of Industry Vertical Manufacturing @ Eurostep AB

    Mr Färneland is responsible for the Manufacturing industry vertical at Eurostep who define, design and develop the PLM collaboration hub ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing. Magnus has worked in the PDM/PLM industry for the past 20 years.

  • Team member
    Eurostep Ab Webinar team @ Eurostep

    Eurostep has been instrumental in designing and delivering major parts of the STEP/PLCS standard to enable PLM and Secure Collaboration in ways that were previously not feasible. This is brought to the market as game changing solutions.

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