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ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing, now in 3D!

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ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing, now in 3D!

ShareAspace is an easy-to-use product information sharing platform. It makes collaboration with suppliers and partners simple while keeping information secure and available on the cloud. Bring design specifications, product data, BOMs, drawings, purchase orders and more into ShareAspace, so you can see everything in ONE place and control exactly what you let your partners see!

With the latest release of Design to Manufacturing we have integrated 3D viewing capabilities into our web user interface enabling users to preview 3D data without having to download anything. ShareAspace can handle and display basically all commercial CAD formats. Users get a full digital mock-up of all components in a BOM and let partners and suppliers comment and report problems directly in the viewer.

Register now to find out about all the new cool 3D capabilities in ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing.

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  • Guest speaker
    Magnus Färneland Director of Software Products @ Eurostep AB

    Mr. Färneland is responsible for the Software Products team of Eurostep who define, design and develop the PLM collaboration platform ShareAspace. Magnus has worked in the PDM/PLM industry for the past 20 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Mathias Gustafsson Product Communication Team Manager @ Eurostep AB

    Mr. Gustafsson is working for the Software Product team of Eurostep. He is responsible for the packaging and documentation of the PLM collaboration platform ShareAspace. Mathias worked with the specifications and technical architecture of the ShareAspace as a service offering.

  • Team member
    Eurostep Ab Webinar team @ Eurostep

    Eurostep has been instrumental in designing and delivering major parts of the STEP/PLCS standard to enable PLM and Secure Collaboration in ways that were previously not feasible. This is brought to the market as game changing solutions.

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Eurostep delivers PLM software and consulting services. Eurostep's software ShareAspace supports collaborative engineering across the life cycle of products.