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ShareAspace cloud launch event

About this event

Easily control and share structured product data with your supply chain in ShareAspace cloud.

October 22, Eurostep will be changing the game of PLM collaboration with a new ShareAspace cloud offering, primarily targeting design to manufacturing in SMEs with partners, but also niche processes in large organizations.

With ShareAspace cloud you are able to:

  • Effortlessly share your product data in a secure hub.
  • Have more control over your project development.
  • Decrease your lead times for faster product delivery.

Our Vision

At Eurostep we have for more than 15 years successfully delivered solutions that make it possible and easy to collaborate across enterprise borders. Eurostep clients have been large organizations in aerospace, AEC, automotive, defence and machinery. Therefore our collaboration Hub, ShareAspace, has typically been installed on-prem... until now!

We want to share the magic of ShareAspace with small and medium enterprises too!

No matter your company's size, we believe everyone should be able to a hassle-free collaboration so that you can focus on what's important - Making and delivering a great product that meets your customers needs.

By attending this webinar you will learn how ShareAspace cloud allows you to:

  • Simply control and manage your supply chain.
  • Securely share and organise your product data with multiple suppliers and partners.
  • Manage change affecting all or some suppliers.
  • Structure data in Bill-of-Materials.

About ShareAspace Cloud Launch:

Eurostep has long been known for their work in the product data standards community and has leveraged this knowledge to design their successful ShareAspace offering that supports product data sharing and collaboration in some of the world's most complex supply chains. With their new ShareAspace Cloud for Manufacturing, they are bringing enterprise-grade infrastructure to the midmarket, focusing on the tiers of global supply chains. This new cloud offering enables highly secure value chain collaboration from a simple to learn and use interface. This will be a huge step up from the emails, Excel files, and network drives that support product development and manufacturing in surprisingly large companies.

- Stan Przybylinsky, VP @CIMdata Inc.

Webinar Schedule:

  1. Brief introduction about CIMdata, value chain, PLM & cloud by Stan Przybylinski, Vice President @ CIMdata;
  2. Introduction of Eurostep and ShareAspace by Håkan Kårdén, Director of Marketing and Cloud solutions;
  3. Features and highlights of ShareAspace cloud - Design to Manufacturing by Magnus Färneland, Director of Software Products;
  4. Q&A.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Magnus Färneland Director of Software Products @ Eurostep

    Mr. Färneland is responsible for the Software Products team of Eurostep who define, design and develop the PLM collaboration platform ShareAspace. Magnus has worked in the PDM/PLM industry for the past 20 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Håkan Kårdén Director of marketing and cloud solutions @ Eurostep

    Håkan Kårdén founded Eurostep in 1994 and has for 25 years been the CEO of Eurostep Group. Håkan is now focusing and has been essential in developing Eurostep new cloud solution that is going to be presented during this webinar.

  • Guest speaker
    SP G
    Stan Przybylinski Vice President @ CIMdata

    Mr. Przybylinski is responsible for CIMdata's global PLM market research program, including the CIMdata Market Analysis Report (MAR) series. Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Przybylinski was Manager of Market and Competitive Intelligence at Dassault Systemes.

  • Team member
    Eurostep Ab Webinar team @ Eurostep

    Eurostep has been instrumental in designing and delivering major parts of the STEP/PLCS standard to enable PLM and Secure Collaboration in ways that were previously not feasible. This is brought to the market as game changing solutions.

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