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Convert die-hard savers into investors

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Although there are no alternatives to investing, few banking clients hold investment products. Discover why traditional recipes only appeal to the usual suspects and fail to win over the hearts of new clients. 

Reaching out beyond the usual suspects is a real challenge. These clients won’t find what they’re not looking for. They need a different approach altogether.

In this session, Laurent Lamblin will inspire you on how to convert clients into investors.

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    Laurent Lamblin Head of Concepts @ everyoneINVESTED

    With 20+ years in wealth management, Laurent, as an Innovation Manager, launched unique products boosting KBC's investment reach. Now at everyoneINVESTED, KBC's tech spin-off, he's key in smartly channeling KBC's investment expertise, aiding firms in enhancing their digital investment operations.


Getting everyone invested

Integrate behavioral technology in your banking app to turn clients into investors by improving onboarding, profiling and engagement.