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Digital Engagement Practices in Retail Investing

About this event

πŸ” Delve into the digital forefront of retail investing with expert behavioral scientist Matthew Kan. Traverse the journey from traditional practices to digital engagement practices. Matthew's role as a Senior Advisor, Behavioral Insights at the Ontario Securities Commission, and his extensive research make this a not-to-be-missed session for anyone keen on the evolving landscape of retail investing.

✨ Highlights of the Session:

- Uncover gamification and behavioral techniques reshaping retail investing.

- Understand the impact of these strategies on investor behavior through a robust randomized controlled trial.

- Explore the potential of future techniques and their positive and negative impact on retail investor behavior.

πŸ“Œ Don't miss this opportunity to engage with Matthew in a live Q&A session and gain insights into digital engagement practices. Reserve your spot now!

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  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Kan Senior Advisor Behavioral Insights @ Ontario Securities Commission

    Matthew Kan is a behavioral scientist holding a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Queen’s University. He serves as Senior Advisor Behavioural Insights at the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). In this role, Matthew conducts behavioral science research on investor protection and provides behavioral science expertise within the OSC. Before joining the OSC, Matthew was an Associate at BEworks, a behavioral economics consultancy firm, where he solved unique behavioral challenges across many different organizations and sectors.

  • Team member
    Laurent Lamblin Head of Concepts @ everyoneINVESTED

    With 20+ years in wealth management, Laurent, as an Innovation Manager, launched unique products boosting KBC's investment reach. Now at everyoneINVESTED, KBC's tech spin-off, he's key in smartly channeling KBC's investment expertise, aiding firms in enhancing their digital investment operations.


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