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Financial participation at mid-sized banks

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The percentage of banking clients that hold some form of investment hovers around 10% in Europe, we expect several trends to boost this number significantly.

First, digital literacy and technology serve financial participation in general. The business contribution of mobile banking apps and online banking platforms grow—also in the area of investments.

Second, some trends will boost financial participation notably at small and medium-sized banks. 

The trend of open finance favors insourcing capabilities from a multidisciplinary ecosystem over building those capabilities in-house or insourcing capacity to rebuild them.

During the next webinar of everyoneINVESTED, Jurgen Vandenbroucke will detail both views on the future.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jurgen Vandenbroucke Managing Director @ everyoneINVESTED

    Jurgen Vandenbroucke has over 20 years of experience at various entities within the KBC Group. He is expert manager general manager at KBC, former head of innovation at KBC Asset Management. Jurgen is currently managing director of everyoneINVESTED, the KBC Group wealth tech spin-off. Jurgen holds a Ph.D. in behavioral finance and has published numerous academic publications on the topic. He teaches Financial Engineering at the UAntwerp and Behavioral Science at KULeuven.


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