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Empowering Advisors and Investors

About this event

Insights from UK Research:

Join us for an exclusive webinar in partnership with ORTEC Finance as we delve into the outcomes of our groundbreaking research project involving 5021 UK banking clients. During this first session, our speakers will focus on how clients value risk profiling in their risk discovery journey and how this knowledge empowers advisors to motivate and deliver good outcomes to help their clients reach their investment objectives.

What you will learn:

• Exclusive insights into the underlying motivations driving good outcomes.

• How UK banking clients value investor onboarding.

• Practical knowledge helping advisors motivate and deliver good outcomes.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jurgen Vandenbroucke Managing Director @ everyoneINVESTED

    Jurgen Vandenbroucke has over 20 years of experience at various entities within the KBC Group. He is expert manager general manager at KBC, former head of innovation at KBC Asset Management. Jurgen is currently managing director of everyoneINVESTED, the KBC Group wealth tech spin-off. Jurgen holds a Ph.D. in behavioral finance and has published numerous academic publications on the topic. He teaches Financial Engineering at the UAntwerp and Behavioral Science at KULeuven.

  • Guest speaker
    Ronald Janssen Managing Director @ Ortec Finance

    Ronald Janssen, an Erasmus University econometrics graduate, became a financial planner for high-net-worth clients before joining Ortec Finance in 2002, where he developed OPAL, a goals-based advisory solution. As Director of Research & Innovation, he advances global wealth and asset management advisory solutions. Ronald Janssen also lectures at Erasmus University and collaborates with the University of Maastricht. He authored a book on Goal(s) Based Investing and contributes to several financial journals.


Getting everyone invested

Integrate behavioral technology in your banking app to turn clients into investors by improving onboarding, profiling and engagement.