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Death of the Main Residence Exemption for Aussie Expats

About this webinar

Death of the Main Residence Exemption - A Webinar for Australian Expats

Join us in this FREE webinar (usually valued at $99 per person) to learn about recent tax legislation scrapping the main residence exemption and learn how this will affect you as an Australian expat living and working overseas.

What's this webinar about?

This live webinar is for Australian expats who own a home back in Australia.

Harsh new legislation passed into law by the Australian government on 5th December 2019 has scrapped the main residence exemption for non-resident Australian expats who sell their Australian home whilst they're living overseas as a non-resident.

For the past two and a half years we've warned Australian expats about these changes, ever since the measures were first announced way back in May 2017, so we're bitterly disappointed that this heavy-handed legislation has now been passed into law.

Despite intense lobbying from Tax Professionals like ourselves seeking changes to the legislation, in its present form, this legislation will likely result in outcomes that are unfair, harsh, inconsistent and ultimately inequitable.

Because the consequences of this legislation are so harsh, we expect that these changes will force Aussie expats into making serious financial decisions about their future far earlier than expected!

Who will these changes affect?

If you are an Australian expat and you own your own home in Australia, then these changes WILL affect you!

In fact, we estimate that these measures will likely affect tens of thousands or Australian expat families, (if not more), who own a family home back in Australia.

Accordingly if you're an Australian expat who owns a home in Australia, you cannot afford to ignore these new rules.

An inadvertent mistake could be very, very costly indeed!

What will we cover?

In this webinar we'll take help you to understand what's changed, how these new rules work and how they will affect you. We'll also run you through various strategies and we'll explain what you may need to do before 30 June 2020.

Specifically we'll cover:

  • A brief review of the old rules (before this legislation was passed);
  • An overview of the new rules, what's changed and how the new rules work;
  • How these new rules will affect you
  • What happens in the event of death, divorce etc
  • Which properties are NOT subject to the transitional rule that allow expats to sell their homes prior to 30 June 2020 (in other words, we'll discuss which homes have already lost the main residence exemption);
  • Who is eligible to sell their home and avoid Capital Gains Tax by selling before 30 June 2020;
  • Whether any other discounts or exemptions will be available to you if you sell your home;
  • What happens if you return to Australia - will you be able to access the main residence exemption.

Join us in this FREE webinar to learn about how these changes may affect you and about what strategies you can take to minimise the tax effect of these harsh new rules.

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    Shane Macfarlane Tax Advisory Partner @ Expat Tax Services

    I'm a Chartered Accountant & Managing Director of Expat Tax Services. I'm also a long-term Aussie expat (currently based in Asia). For over 13yrs our ETS team and I have provided expatriate tax advice & tax return preparation services to Australians located in every timezone of the globe!

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    Laurey Jordan Client Relationship Manager @ Expat Taxes Australia

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