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T&E VAT Recovery: Boost Your Bottom Line

About this event


Expensya and 60dias have partnered up to present a co-branded webinar that will explore how businesses can optimize their expense management and turn it into a profitable venture by recovering VAT.

Experts from Expensya and 60dias will share insights and strategies on how to automate the process of VAT recovery and leverage technology to turn expense management into a value-adding activity. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and practical tips on how to reduce administrative burden, increase efficiency and generate additional revenue.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and transform your expense management today!


  • What are the benefits of VAT recovery?
  • How to automate your corporate spend management?
  • How to automate your VAT recovery?
  • How does automation enhance VAT recovery and compliance?

Get ready to have all your questions answered live by our team of experts!


  • Pieter Geeraerts – CRO, Expensya
  • Javier Duran – Head of Expansion & Partners, 60Dias

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  • Guest speaker
    Javier Durán Head of Expansion & Partners @ 60dias

    60dias is a company specialized in Expense Management and T&E VAT recovery. Offering this service since 2008 to more than 2.600 national and international firms throughout Europe, also include another wide variety of TAX related matters such as VAT recovery for homeowners' associations, expense analytics personalized reports.

  • Guest speaker
    Pieter Geeraerts CRO @ Expensya

    Pieter Geeraerts is the CRO of Expensya. His main objective is to assist the scale-up in becoming the leader of Spend Management in Europe and contribute to its global development. Pieter has worked in various industries, including telecommunications, Cloud, and payment.


Automated spend management for all companies.

Expensya is the all-in-one solution for managing business expenses, automating every step of the process, from invoice dematerialization to reimbursement. Payment cards combined with our management software allow you to easily pay, manage and control all your expenses.