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Design high-performing rackets with second-generation Carbon Fiber

About this event

Presented by Isabelle Perl (Head of Marketing) and Michael Gaultois (Chief Scientific Officer), during this webinar, you’ll discover how our material can be one of the most performing and sustainable materials available for the circular economy.

We are pleased to partner with Siux, a world leader in Padel equipment, to develop a new sustainable Padel racket. Carmen Mazzoccu Rios from Product Department at Siux will discuss their challenge and how FAIRMAT might be the most appropriate partner for combining high-performance materials with reduced environmental impact.

FAIRMAT is focused on creating high-performance, low-carbon-impact materials made from recycled carbon fiber composite.

If you, too, are committed to avoiding the use of virgin materials altogether by replacing them with sustainable, high-performing alternatives for your rackets, then we’re confident that this webinar can help you explore more in that direction.

You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions at the end of the talk!

Timeline of event:

Presentation of Fairmat sustainable solution & Siux partnership: 30mn

Q&A: 15mn

Join us on September 28th at 5 pm! (CEST)

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Michael Gaultois Chief Scientific Officer @ FAIRMAT

  • Guest speaker
    ÁA G
    Álvaro Alejandro Leonet SIUX

  • Guest speaker
    CM G
    Carmen Mazzoccu Rios SIUX PADEL

  • Team member
    IP T
    Isabelle Perl Head of Marketing @ Fairmat


Creating a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite

Founded in 2020 by Benjamin Saada, Fairmat is a deep-tech company aiming to revolutionize the recycling of carbon fiber-based composites. Fairmat creates a more sustainable future for composites and long-term industrialization through a virtuous recycling process thanks to its disruptive technology.