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FH Salzburg invites you to their webinar

Master Applied Image and Signal Processing - 19.06.2020

About this webinar

Image and signal processing affect our daily lives in an increasing way. Through the networking of technical devices a historically unmatched volume of raw data for automated decision making and control systems is provided. The demands are high: How can we design new tools and software in order to best distil useful information?

There are endless possibilities to be part of the designing process and to shape ITs future function in business and society. This Master Programme offers a thorough technical training in conjunction with research-driven teaching. It will make the participants familiar with introductory and advanced-level topics in the fields of image and signal processing, their formal and methodical basics, and with diverse fields of application. The sound knowledge and skills acquired in this programme qualify the alumni for diverse practical challenges in their professional work and empower them to contribute to future innovations in image and signal processing.

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Die Fachhochschule Salzburg bietet ein fundiertes FH Bachelor und Master Studium in den Studienrichtungen Ingenieurwissenschaften, Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Design, Medien & Kunst sowie Gesundheitswissenschaften.