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FH Salzburg invites you to their webinar

Master Innovation & Management in Tourism

About this webinar

The experience economy is continuously growing – also in the field of tourism. The expectations of guests have increased and the industry needs to meet these new demands. With our Master programme we prepare you for these new challenges. You gain specialised knowledge in the fields of Experience Design and Event Management.

This includes different approaches and methods within the range of Entrepreneurship, Experience Design, Authenticity and Sustainability. In addition to the above, the programme focuses on eTourism - the understanding of Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism as well as the development of New Media Applications (Facebook, Twitter and Co.), Media Consumer Adoption as well as Social and Foreign Language Skills.

These skills prepare you for a multi-faceted career. You are able to take over managerial positions in companies in the tourism industry and the wider service sector, start your own business, go on with a PhD or a scientific career.

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FH Salzburg

Die Fachhochschule Salzburg bietet ein fundiertes FH Bachelor und Master Studium in den Studienrichtungen Ingenieurwissenschaften, Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Design, Medien & Kunst sowie Gesundheitswissenschaften.