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Life After RICE: Prioritize Based on Facts

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Traditional prioritization methods like RICE often rely on intuition and subjective assessments, making it difficult to align priorities and make informed decisions. But is there life after RICE and can we bring a scientific approach to prioritization and decision-making? 👩🏻‍🔬

Join Michael - Fibery CEO and Co-founder, who's been building productivity tools for 20 years - on June 13 to discuss:

  • 🧮 Is it possible to prioritize objectively?
  • 🎛️ What facts and signals should you use to determine what to build next?
  • ⚙️ How to set up a smooth prioritization process?
  • 🔮 Should the gut feeling be ignored after all?
  • 👀 Is there a tool that can help with all that?

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    Michael Dubakov CEO @ Fibery

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