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Fidectus invites you to their webinar

Electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) Webinar Series

About this webinar

Join this month's Webinar and see a fully-fletched demo of the Fidectus Global Energy Network (GEN). Experience how you can transform your company's back office processes with Fidectus post-trade services such as automated netting, cross-channel settlements, automated static counterparty data management, agreed matches, flexible matches, data enrichment and more.

See which Fidectus' offering suits your company's needs and pick different offerings ranging from a free community edition to a full enterprise package.

See how you can start your eSM journey today and start testing within 24h.


The Official eSM Webinar Series is a monthly forum designed to help industry members gain expertise and insight on all aspects of electronic Settlement Matching (eSM). The series provides access to eSM experts, users and business leaders all sharing firsthand experiences and thoughts while encouraging an open dialog. It promises leadership the ability to remain knowledgeable, avoid missed steps and learn from industry peers by providing expertise and experience leading towards the successful deployment and operations of eSM.

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    Chris Sass Fidectus


Experience the future of eSM today

Real-time settlement automation in European OTC energy trading