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Electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) Webinar Series

About this event

This past month commercial use of eSM at RWEST went from a carefully executed semi-manual final stage of vetting to leveraging all of eSM's power and automation in its commercial workflow. Full integration of Fidectus' restful APIs provided a seamless experience for the RWEST back office and the counterparties involved in the transition. Email invites carrying PDF and XML invoices to counterparties were well-received, resulting in a seamless settlement run.

Join the webinar to hear RWE, Verbund and Trianel share their experience.


The Official eSM Webinar Series is a monthly forum designed to help industry members gain expertise and insight on all aspects of electronic Settlement Matching (eSM). The series provides access to eSM experts, users and business leaders all sharing firsthand experiences and thoughts while encouraging an open dialog. It promises leadership the ability to remain knowledgeable, avoid missed steps and learn from industry peers by providing expertise and experience leading towards the successful deployment and operations of eSM.

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Real-time settlement automation in European OTC energy trading