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Biohackers Toronto: Psychedelics 101

About this event

Curious about psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Did you read Michael Pollan's "How to Change your Mind" and want to learn more about non-ordinary states of consciousness and healing trauma? Wondering what Holotropic Breathwork is?

Join Biohackers Toronto for a presentation and Q&A with Field Trip Health (@fieldtriphealth), a clinic that takes a personalized approach to mental wellness, by blending legal psychedelic-enhanced therapy, mindfulness, and self-care with a series of sessions with trained psychotherapists.

Speakers from Field Trip will include Brandon Goode, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Marshall Tyler, Director of Research.

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    Brandon Goode Director of Strategic Partnerships @ Field Trip Health

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    Marshall Tyler Director of Research @ Field Trip Health

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    Field Trip Health & Wellness

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    Cathia Badiere

Field Trip Health

Dedicated to Psychedelic Therapies That Bring People to Life.

Learn more about how Field Trip Health uses evidence-based, legal psychedelic therapies to help you heal depression and feel better.