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Music & Psychedelics: The Hidden Therapist

About this event

Tune in to a budding new field of research in the area of psychedelics; the incorporation of music as an anchor and a guide through a psychedelic trip. Music can be used to enhance the therapeutic journey and carve a path to personal growth, when combined with the right protocols and environment. Field Trip’s team will explore this theme through a conversation with one of the world’s leading experts in combining music & psychedelic therapies.

In this webinar, Mendel Kaelen — founder and CEO of Wavepaths — joins Field Trip in a conversation about music’s relationship to the psychedelic experience and how clinicians can leverage this tool to augment therapeutic outcomes. By providing evidence for the importance of person-centred use of music, Mendel opened a new avenue of research and a deepened understanding of the mechanisms underlying psychedelic therapy. From there he developed the vision of Wavepaths, a future of care where facilitating personally meaningful experience is the foundation for improving mental health and well-being: Experience as Medicine.

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    Mendel Kaelen

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