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Psychedelic Psychotherapy: A Therapist's Perspective

About this event

Wondering what actually happens in therapy – specifically ketamine-assisted psychotherapy? At Field Trip Health, therapy plays a crucial role in supporting a journey of self-discovery, growth and learning. Our therapists work collaboratively with each person to develop strong working relationships that support clients in preparing for and integrating insightful, unusual, difficult, and sometimes mystifying experiences.

In this webinar, members of Field Trip Health's clinical therapy team – Martha Kezemidis, Sabina Pillai, and Dr. Joseph De Leo, will engage in a discussion about the therapeutic processes that are essential to healing, specifically within the context of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Drawing from valuable lessons learned from their direct work with clients, the team will share valuable insights in to the unique opportunities and challenges that emerge in the delivery of integrative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

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    Field Trip Health & Wellness

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    Joseph De Leo

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    Sabina Pillai

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    Martha Kezemidis

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    Brandon Goode

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