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Figures Compensation Webinar Series - #1 How Men vs Women talk about salary

About this event

For this first episode of our compensation webinar series, we'll talk about one big subject when talking about pay equity: the differences between men and women when talking about salaries.

We will discuss the gender pay gap, impostor syndrome, and we'll share practical tips to get a better and fairer job.

Our four distinguished guests are:

  • Henna Pryor, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Workplace Performance Expert, Executive Coach & Author, "Awkward and Upward!"
  • Kimberly Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Kelton Legend & Talent Acquisition Super Hero
  • Hung Lee, Curator at Recruiting Brainfood
  • Virgile Raingeard, CEO at Figures.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Henna Pryor Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Workplace Performance Expert

  • Guest speaker
    Kimberly Jones CEO @ Kelton Legend

  • Guest speaker
    Hung Lee Curator @ Recruiting Brainfood

  • Team member
    Virgile Raingeard CEO @ Figures

    I'm Virgile - CEO and co-founder of Figures


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