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How to dynamically protect your foreign currency assets (Presentation of CHRES solution)

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Dynamic Currency Management – A Challenge for SMEs

Webinar announcement on the topic of "How to dynamically protect your foreign currency assets – presentation of the CHRES solution

Do you have bills to pay in US$ in 6 months from now? Or outstanding bills payable in 6 weeks? How many Euros will these be worth, when payment is due?

When doing business or investing in foreign countries, the risk of fluctuating currency exchange rates is often overlooked. While the actual value of the asset denominated in the foreign currency might not change, the actual monetary value that the investor receives after the conversion to Euro can fluctuate significantly due to the exchange rate.

The management of such foreign currency exposures is often a challenge for SMEs. But also institutional investors with FX exposures could benefit from our expertise.

Would you like to learn how to :

·         protect your assets against losses due to FX volatility?

·         outsource analysis of FX trends and risks?

·         receive decision support for hedging your exposures?

Then CHRES may be the solution and it will be presented during this special webinar hosted by Finance Innovation. CHRES stands for Currency Hedging and Risk Management Service and was developed with the aim of dynamically protecting foreign currency assets against exchange rate fluctuations. CHRES uses currency trading strategies with a long-proven track record of 20 years and cutting-edge technology to detect trends and dynamically increase or decrease the protection. Users can decide their level of security by selecting one of several scenarios per currency.

JRC Capital Management and GFT technology will present the developments that have been achieved in this activity and the resulting solution in our webinar and will give you the chance to ask questions.

Proposé par

  • Intervenant externe
    Petra Ristau Head of R&D @ JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research

  • Intervenant externe
    Michele Canteri Senior Software Engineer @ GFT Group

  • Intervenant externe
    Andrea Ferrettoparodi R&D and Innovation Manager @ GFT Technologies

  • Membre de l'équipe
    Lucile Aniksztejn Finance Innovation

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