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Scottish Empty Homes Webinar

About this event

Join us for the Scottish Empty Homes Webinar, a short and informative online event catered to Empty Homes Officers and professionals involved with vacant properties in Scotland. This webinar aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for dealing with empty homes within the Scottish context.

Our featured speaker, Anu Kasim, an experienced Empty Homes Officer at Aberdeen City Council, will deliver an engaging presentation on the topic. Anu will specifically focus on the empty homes service implemented in Aberdeen and share their successes, ongoing initiatives, and future plans. Anu will also inform on her council’s award-winning 'Matchmake-to-Rent Scheme’. Gain a deeper understanding of how Aberdeen City Council effectively addresses the issue of empty homes and learn from their experiences. 

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    Muhammad Uddin Public Sector Manager - Empty Homes

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    Katie Watson Public Sector Manager @ Finders International

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