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FinTech Alliance: Shaping FinTech 2 - Seamless Identification

About this event

FinTech Alliance is hosting its second series of webinars looking at what's shaping FinTech right now.

As part of FinTech Alliance's commitment to showcasing UK FinTech, we will be hosting our second series of Shaping FinTech webinars that will tackle the big topics that are present in FinTech. Our 'Shaping FinTech' series will bring together industry leaders in FinTech and financial services each week to share their opinions and answer questions on the most important topics of the day.

this webinar will focus on security and how companies can verify who their customers are in a seamless way - from onboarding to payments. We will discuss how FinTechs digitally onboard customers with a positive user experience, but also remain secure and compliant. We will also look at the impact Covid-19 has had on more and more people wanting to set up a bank account remotely - and how this will continue as branches close in the future. Throughout the webinar we will address whether consumers value convenience over security and how to balance the two. There is huge potential for partnerships to be formed and technology innovation here.

The panel includes:

  • Simon Winchester, VP Sales EMEA at Jumio Corporation
  • John Wilkinson, CEO of TMT Analysis
  • Clare Joy, Strategy & Expansion Lead at Onfido
  • James Varga, CEO and Founder of DirectID

The panel will be Chaired by our Editor, Olivia Minnock.

Stay tuned for further webinars.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    John Wilkinson CEO @ TMT Analysis

  • Guest speaker
    Olivia Minnock Editor @ FinTech Alliance


  • Guest speaker
    Simon Winchester VP Sales EMEA @ Jumio Corporation

  • Guest speaker
    James Varga Founder & CEO @ DirectID

  • Guest speaker
    Clare Joy Strategy & Expansion Lead @ Onfido

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