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Improve Manufacturing Throughput with Predictive Quality

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Experts have estimated that the cost of poor quality typically amounts to 5-30 percent of gross sales for manufacturing companies. Manufacturers have implemented processes to reduce such impact, notably detection and traceability of defective products through the operational process and after-sales. The fact that this data has been gathered for many years (or decades) provides a starting point for advanced strategies to proactively detect quality issues before they arise. Please join this webinar with experts from SAS and Microsoft where they will discuss how manufacturers can reduce non-conformance quality costs with data analytics and artificial intelligence of things.

Is a set of webinars hosted by the IOTSWC and the IIC to be held during 2020 and 2021 where IOT, AI and machine learning experts will discuss the digital transformation and the coming future after the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our webinar programming.

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  • Guest speaker
    Vinicius Strey Industry Consultant, Manufacturing, Transportation, Entertainment & Services @ SAS

    Works with manufacturers as they leverage the power of data analytics from the plant/shop floor to the corporate office. Prior to SAS, Vinicius held several global engineering & sales roles and has certifications in project management, industrial cyber security, & IT governance, risk, & compliance.

  • Guest speaker
    David Petrucci Strategy Leader, Manufacturing Industry @ Microsoft Corp.

    Responsible for developing & driving strategy & solutions for manufacturing customers across their digital transformations. This includes High-Tech & Semiconductor, Industrial, Aerospace, Chemical/Process Manufacturing, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Defense and more.

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