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The industry is increasingly digitized, the digital company is already a reality. But what if machines and processes could gather insights from these huge volumes of data on their own and in turn optimize their processes during real-time operation? The potential would be enormous. The good news is that this can already be achieved, step by step, using artificial intelligence (AI).

“Novel AI driven innovations with the vision of circular economy and industrial symbiosis”

Gabriel Anzaldi , Scientific and Technological Development Director , Eurecat

Jorge Broto Ruíz, , CEO , EINES Vision Systems


Nuno Gouveia, Senior Project Manager, Sonae MC

“Festo AX - Artificial Intelligence in the world of industrial automation”

Sebastian Werler, Product manager of Digital Business , Festo


Jordi Ricart, Area Manager Advanced Engineering, Leitat

UNPRECEDENTED Webinar Series was born as a transversal proposal to the challenges of circular economy, digitization and technology transfer..

Together we have prepared a series of online meetings, under the name of Industrial Dialogues, to analyze how the sector will be able to face the challenges posed by the situation of the new normal.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jorge Broto Ruíz CEO @ EINES Vision Systems

    A computer engineer by Polytechnic Universisty Of València, Jorge Broto is co-founder of the Valencian company Eines, which has been developing cutting-edge solutions for quality control in automobile production processes for 28 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Gabriel Anzaldi Scientific and Technological Development Director @ Eurecat

    Ingeniero electrónico con honores, obtuvo el diploma de estudios avanzados en inteligencia electrónica, másteres de especialización en gestión tecnológica y participó en actividades de trasferencia en los EUA y la República Francesa. Actualmente, es Director de Desarrollo Científico en Eurecat

  • Guest speaker
    Nuno Gouveia Senior Project Manager @ Sonae MC

  • Guest speaker
    Jordi Ricart Area Manager Advanced Engineering @ LEITAT

    Doctor en Ingeniería Electrónica por la UPC. Su carrera de investigación se ha centrado en el diseño y desarrollo de dispositivos y sensores para la recolección de datos y las técnicas de análisis. Desde 2015 desarrolla su carrera profesional en LEITAT involucrado en proyectos de I+D+i.

  • Guest speaker
    Sebastian Werler Product Manager IoT & AI - Digital Business at Festo @ FESTO

    Product Manager for IoT at Festo, Sebastian is responsible for bringing digital added-value solutions to the market that enhance the Festo hardware product range with predictive maintenance and energy monitoring solutions. A computer scientist by profession,

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