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How AI and Advanced Analytics Accelerate Production Planning and Scheduling Agility

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How AI and Advanced Analytics Accelerate Production Planning and Scheduling Agility

Today, manufacturers are faced with many operational demands: to build product quickly, free of defects, at lower costs, and all while remaining agile to changing demand signals. This is no small feat. An integral part of keeping the manufacturing floor running smoothly is having a seasoned Production Planner and Scheduling team. Much of their work efforts require manual information gathering, trial and error, and is mostly based on intuition or tribal knowledge rather than data-driven decision making. While there is value in experience, things quickly get complicated when a planner needs to deal with a myriad of information while serving conflicting priorities.

By manufacturers having singular access to their disparate information and creating a digital twin of their planning environment, they can create what-if production simulations backed by analytics and show the real-time inter-dependent relationships. As a result, manufactures can obtain higher capacity utilization, reduce lead-time, and remain agile to respond faster to scheduling adjustments.

In this webinar, learn how SAS and The Grain have solved this challenge with a modular toolkit called Checkmate, specifically designed for manufacturers who want to digitize and optimize their production planning and scheduling.

Is a set of webinars hosted by the IOTSWC and the IIC to be held during 2020 and 2021 where IOT, AI and machine learning experts will discuss the digital transformation and the coming future after the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our webinar programming.

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  • Guest speaker
    Bobby Shkolnikov Global Principal, IoT Business Development @ SAS

    Bobby Shkolnikov is a Global Principal in IoT Business Development, focused on driving co-creation with key strategic partners at SAS. He has helped organizations in the High Tech, Manufacturing, and Med Device sectors engineer their go to market strategies in IoT,

  • Guest speaker
    Steven Raekelboom Technology & Innovation Director and Co-founder @ The Grain

    Background in economics, statistics, & software engineering. Experienced SAS software architect for more than 20 years. He is also a Python & SAS programming expert. He helps customers to use the most appropriate analytical techniques to tackle a variety of Supply Chain & Manufacturing challenges.

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