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Today's World: Engineering. Tomorrow's World: Engineering Driven by Analytics

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Today's World: Engineering. Tomorrow's World: Engineering Driven by Analytics

Manufacturing production plants are run by engineers and operators, not by data scientists. The utmost importance is to democratize AI and analytics to engineers and operators to enable them to drive sustainable impact from these new technologies. However, there is still a gap in skills to be filled to make this possible. You need to improve your employees’ skills and understanding of advanced analytics, brainstorm about its potential in your organization and create a competitive edge. We have created a mini plant, called the Smart Factory in a Box, to show you how you can start transforming your organization into a 4.0 factory of the future. This will enable your workforce to be ready for what the digital future will bring.

You will learn which knowledge and skills are needed to begin your transformation to incorporate AI, IoT and data analytics in your daily operations and how to convert the hype into real bottom-line impact.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which roles and skills are crucial to make digital transformation of manufacturing a success
  • How to motivate people to develop their skills to a more strategic approach as execution becomes automated by algorithms
  • How to assess the analytics potential of your organization with a clear focus on business value
  • How to deploy the analytics models in the actual plants by making it part of daily operations
  • How to scale the analytics models beyond a POC and replicate the solution to plants across the organization

Is a set of webinars hosted by the IOTSWC and the IIC to be held during 2020 and 2021 where IOT, AI and machine learning experts will discuss the digital transformation and the coming future after the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our webinar programming.

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  • Guest speaker
    Adriaan Van Horenbeek Manufacturing Lead, Customer Advisory Western Europe @ SAS

    Adriaan generates value through analytics within the process and manufacturing industry. His background of engineering skills, management skills and data analytics skills makes him an ideal partner to his clients to develop and embed analytics within their manufacturing processes.

  • Guest speaker
    Sébastien Verhelst Manufacturing Analytics Expert @ SAS

    Sébastien's specialized engineering skills together with business expertise enables him to analyze, predict and optimize systems and processes in an international context. Before joining SAS, Sébastien worked at DuPont Chemicals as demand planner.

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