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How Cellular Connectivity is Helping Drive IoT Innovation

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Connectivity for IoT is mission critical. Getting it right is difficult but getting it wrong can come at a real cost. Cellular for IoT is driving a new wave of innovation and digital transformation with its combination of capabilities creating new opportunities in a wide range of industries.

When it comes to protecting vulnerable people or controlling the spread of infectious disease you don't want to worry about connectivity. In this webinar hear first-hand from the connectivity experts at Arm Pelion, along with two of their pioneering IoT partners in remote care and smart sanitization about why cellular and LPWA technologies are increasingly becoming the best choice when connectivity is mission critical. 

SAVORTEX have pioneered the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to revolutionize the workplace hygiene industry, with the first smart connected hand dryer and their newly released smart hand sanitizer range, which has a track and trace feature to encourage optimum hand hygiene standards. Their vision is to leverage IoT for significant energy, operational and cost savings and deliver data-driven hand hygiene. They’re currently deploying solutions for customers such as Loreal, Shell, Gemin-i analytics, Gatwick and RBS, who are seeking to tackle hygiene concerns in a post-COVID world.

OYSTA provides managed service delivering remote telecare solutions to end users, primarily the elderly or adults with learning difficulties, that they’ve termed “VIPs” (Vulnerable Independent People). By providing consistent accurate information to the family and carers of the VIPs, they aim to alleviate the stresses of constant monitoring and surveillance of a loved one, offering greater peace of mind.  Their Oysta Pearl devices are carried or worn by VIPs and features SOS buttons, fall sensors, reminder alarms and safe zone monitoring. They provide a range of services through their IntelliCare platform, which transmits all the alarms and data from the devices to 24/7 monitoring facilities.

Is a set of webinars hosted by the IOTSWC and the IIC to be held during 2020 and 2021 where IOT, AI and machine learning experts will discuss the digital transformation and the coming future after the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our webinar programming.

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  • Guest speaker
    Mario Zuccaro Founder and CEO @ Oysta Technology

    After creating & managing businesses in Australia & Europe, Mario returned to the UK in 2000 to develop his career in mobile telecommunications. Pivotal in the launch of Huawei & working with telecom giants such as O2, he spotted a lack of innovation in the care sector & limited services offered ...

  • Guest speaker
    Rob Shah Senior Product Manager, Connectivity Management @ Arm

    Rob has an established background in IoT and telecoms working in organisations from large operator to innovative start-up and is currently the Product Manager and IoT connectivity expert overseeing the product roadmap and engineering delivery of Arm’s Pelion Connectivity Management product.

  • Guest speaker
    Syed Ahmed CEO @ SAVORTEX LTD

    Syed Ahmed is founder and CEO of SAVORTEX, a multi-award winning British, IoT (Internet of Things) technology Company, which has deployed over 400 projects worldwide to multinational brands such as Gatwick Airport, RBS and Shel to name.

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