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Firefly AB invites you to their event

Fire Prevention and Protection Solutions for the Hygiene Industry

About this event

A modern machine for production of Diapers or Sanitary Napkins are running at very high speeds. A problem in the process equipment can quickly cause friction heat and generate ignition sources that not seldom leads to a fire and a costly production stop of the machine.

For nearly 50 years, Firefly has developed innovative fire preventive technologies that increase safety and reduce production downtime caused by fire incidents. By detecting a problem at an early stage and take quick actions, the Firefly system will efficiently reduce the risk of fires and minimize the down-time of the machine.

Firefly’s Ryan Morrow, Fire Prevention Expert in the region Usa and Canada, will be hosting this webinar.

Firefly AB

Intelligent fire protection keeps you in production

Firefly is a Swedish company that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality.