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[Webinar] Proving ROI: How to evaluate and improve how you manage incidents

About this event

You’ve got your response process in place, your team is on board, and you’re making forward progress in how your organization manages incidents … you think. Even the most advanced teams still struggle to determine what they should track and how to do it. 

Last month, we released the Incident Benchmark Report, the largest analysis of incidents to date, and now we’ll show you how to put it to work. This webinar will give you incident benchmarking data by company size and provide a starting point for not only evaluating your program but kickstarting efforts to improve it.

Attendees will leave with answers to questions like:

  • What’s “normal” for a company my size when it comes to incident metrics like MTT* metrics, incident count by severity level, and the ratio of incidents resolved to retros completed?
  • How do I choose which metrics to focus on, and how do I start tracking those numbers? 
  • What are some ways I can positively impact those numbers to see improvement in how my organization manages incidents?


Incidents are hard. Managing them shouldn’t be.

FireHydrant helps innovative engineering teams prepare for, respond to, and learn from incidents. It is the one-stop shop to develop and scale a world-class incident management program.