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Better Incidents Summer Bonfire: Beyond Downtime

About this event

The Better Incidents Summer Bonfire is a 40-minute roundtable discussion on the high costs of poorly managed incidents. Hosted by FireHydrant and featuring a panel of incident responders from guest companies, the Bonfire will discuss the explicit costs, implicit costs, and cultural drain of unoptimized incident management.

Using analyst-backed research from our latest ebook, Beyond Downtime: A Practical Guide to Minimizing Incident Costs, we’ll put a dollar amount on the costs of incidents, hear stories firsthand from folks conquering those costs, and have plenty of time for discussion.

After attending, you’ll have a better idea of the full cost of unoptimized incidents, as well as the strategies you can put in place to help counter them. During this interactive event, you'll acquire practical insights on:

  • A dollar amount attached to the full cost of incidents, inclusive of explicit costs like downtime, the opportunity cost of lost responder time, and the cultural drain associated with incident burnout
  • Proven strategies you can put into place to jump into action faster, resulting in a coordinated response effort that helps save time and money
  • Examples of how incident management works at other companies — this is an opportunity to not only learn but share

Hosted by

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    Malcolm Preston

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    Robert Ross

  • Guest speaker
    Asaf Gaon Director of Technical Support @ Takeoff Technologies

  • Guest speaker
    Shannon Schulte Incident Response Engineer Manager @ Shipt


Incidents are hard. Managing them shouldn’t be.

FireHydrant helps innovative engineering teams prepare for, respond to, and learn from incidents. It is the one-stop shop to develop and scale a world-class incident management program.