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Is Good Help Really THAT Hard to Find?

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Hiring and Managing Teams in the COVID-19 Era

How do you navigate the preferences of your workers as you develop your studio’s reopening plan? And how do you ensure you’re hiring and managing teams appropriately as your studio continues to define it's new normal and look to a post-pandemic future? Join our panel of experts for a look at what it takes to attract, retain and grow high-performing talent in today’s job market.

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  • Team member
    Chris Beer FitGrid Customer Success Specialist @ FitGrid

  • Guest speaker
    Katie Santos Founder @ Fitness HR

    Katie Santos, founder of Fitness HR, is a wellness business consultant who specializes in Human Resources and getting organized. With 18 years of experience in small business staffing, Katie's passion is helping businesses balance and maintain realistic and achievable goals.

  • Guest speaker
    Laura Munkholm Co-Founder and President @ Walla Studio Management Software

    Laura Munkholm is the President and Co-Founder of Walla, a new Studio management platform for the next generation of Fitness Studios. Prior to founding Walla, she was recognized as an industry-leading expert, speaker, and has consulted for hundreds of studio businesses worldwide. Her experience consulting along with managing a studio and teaching yoga for over 12 years, gave her a first-hand glimpse into the challenges and opportunities boutique studios face.


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