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Retain Staff To Increase Client Retention

About this webinar

It's tempting to focus on company growth and profitability and forget about the value of relationships.

In this webinar, we’ll share ways to put relationships at the forefront of your business to strengthen your growth strategies and boost profits. We'll discuss hiring, training, and motivating your team and how they're critical building blocks to increasing revenue and attendance. 

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    Nt Etuk CEO & Founder @ FitGrid

    Ntiedo (Nt) Etuk, is the Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a communication and connectivity platform that helps studios increase and strengthen the connections between their members to better drive retention, sales, and profits.


The Smartest Way to Connect Your Community and Drive Profits

FitGrid helps studios manage interactions among staff, instructors and clients so customers get that special attention that drives revenue and retention.