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The Secrets to Managing Instructors

About this webinar

The Secrets to Managing Instructors

How studio owners can motivate and empower instructors for success

For many fitness entrepreneurs, managing people isn’t the most fun—or easiest—part of the job. A lot of us would rather spend time with clients, lead awesome classes, and bring exciting experiences to our community. But unless you've hired people to take on the task of managing your employees, then you're still on the hook. So how do you lead your team with confidence and retain your best people?

In our next webinar, "The Secrets to Managing Instructors," Laura Mulkholm and Chris Beer from Studio Solutions will share lessons in leadership gained from working closely with hundreds of studio owners to become more effective managers of more successful businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies to align your team around core values in a way that facilitates strong community 
  • What you have to rock your strengths and own your weaknesses to lead effectively
  • The importance of defining success for your team and using data to support growth

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Beer Founder @ B.Well Consulting

    After a 20-year career in finance, Chris became a MINDBODY-Certified Business Consultant to help studio owners make data-driven decisions that propel their organizations forward.

  • Guest speaker
    Laura Munkholm Founder & Lead Consultant @ Studio Solutions

    Laura is the founder of Studio Solutions, a support system for the leaders of the wellness revolution. With a background in sales, recruiting & studio management, Laura has worked with hundreds of studio owners, helping them grow revenue, memberships & improve the overall client experience.

  • Team member
    Nt Etuk CEO & Founder @ FitGrid

    Ntiedo (Nt) Etuk, is the Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a communication and connectivity platform that helps studios increase and strengthen the connections between their members to better drive retention, sales, and profits.


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