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DC Network Meetup: Technology enhancing sustainability in fashion

About this event

Wearable technology, high tech fabrics, AR, VR, data analytics, blockchain, nanotechnology, internet of things, robotics, 3D rendering,... can all have an impact and added value on how we create, produce, experience and consume fashion today and tomorrow. Concrete examples such as smart textiles for second life purposes, RFID tags for traceability or AR/VR sizing for better fit in e-commerce showcase the potential of technology to create change and improve sustainability in fashion. In this Meetup we will share some of the most innovative approaches in the DC Network regions of how fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs use technology in fashion to enhance sustainability.

This online DC Network Meetup will be hosted by DC Network-region Flanders (Belgium) and is organised by Flanders DC. Flanders DC has developed other projects on sustainability in fashion such as Close The Loop and on fashion tech such as Fashiontech works.

Who’s this for?

Designers, Creative entrepreneurs, representatives of creative clusters, network and business support organisations, policy makers and anyone with an interest in the subject.


3:00 pm - Welcome by the Districts of Creativity Network and Flanders DC

3:10 pm - 5 Inspiring cases of technology enhancing sustainability in fashion (10 min. each)

4:20 pm - Q&A & Networking

4:30 pm - End of Meetup

About the DC Network Meetups

Founded in 2004, the DC Network unites 13 regions around the world that focus on cross-disciplinary creativity and innovation to improve prosperity. The DC Network Meetups are about bringing together professionals from the different DC Network-regions to discuss specific topics related to cross-disciplinary creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. The idea is to share good practices/inspiring examples/projects and stimulate knowledge exchange.

Hosted by

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    Flanders Dc Flanders DC

  • Guest speaker
    Jessica Smarsch Chief Creating Officer @ Jessica Smarsch Studio

    Jessica Smarsch is an internationally recognized designer who collaborates cross-sector to bring beauty, creativity and enhanced user experience to technological, scientific and industrial innovations

  • Guest speaker
    Olivia Merquior Founder @ Brazil Immersive Fashion Week & BR Immersive

    Olivia Merquior is the founder of Brazil Immersive Fashion Week, the first immersive fashion week in Latin America. She is also a partner of BR Immersive, a company that offers experiences in expanded realities for the fashion, design, art and culture markets.

  • Guest speaker
    Edu Uribesalgo Innovation and sustainability director @ Ternua Group

    Edu Uribesalgo is the Ternua Group innovation and sustainability director. Ternua has over 20 products made using discarded fishing nets in their collection.

  • Guest speaker
    Anthony Burns COO @ Advanced Clothing Solutions

    Anthony Burns is the COO of ACS, an internationally recognised business, which empowers fashion retailers and brands to strategically embed, and easily embrace, circular business models.

  • Team member
    PC T
    Pascal Cools

  • Guest speaker
    Flora Miranda Founder @ Flora Miranda

    Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer and visual artist, based in Vienna/Austria and Antwerp/Belgium. Throughout her work the main focus is on the human being, one’s body, senses and perception.

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Herholdt Engermann Founder @ MANND

    With a degree in Film & Transmedia, Maria has a deep craving hunger for new media storytelling – especially within transmedia and virtual reality (VR). For the last years she has been specializing in how to create XR experiences that can attract international attention such as X-Ray Fashion.

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