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Accident Modeling of a Complete High-Temperature Reactor (HTR) Plant in Flownex

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Understanding the holistic response of a nuclear plant during accident scenarios is paramount.

Join us in this upcoming webinar as we delve into the setup and modelling of a reactor and turbine trip for a high-temperature reactor (HTR) with a coupled Rankine cycle. We'll showcase the integration of a prismatic block fuel reactor from a previous webinar, a typical Rankine cycle, and the implementation of necessary control logic for reactor and turbine trips.

The simulation will encompass the following components:

  • Helium-cooled prismatic block reactor
  • Helium circulator
  • Helical coil steam generator
  • High-pressure and low-pressure turbines
  • Deaerator
  • Condenser
  • Feedwater heaters
  • Feedwater pump
  • Condensate extraction pump
  • Control valves
  • Controllers

We will also be highlighting the following elements:

  • Controllers employed to govern the outlet temperature and pressure of the steam generator, as well as the reactor's outlet temperature and generated turbine power.
  • The plant's response following a scram as the circulator maintains flow to dissipate decay heat.
  • The turbine trip, simulated by closing the turbine shutoff valve and diverting steam to the condenser via a bypass line. And the subsequent feedwater pump response to sustain the steam generator flow.
  • The transient response of the steam generator outlet pressure and temperature in addition to the reactor's inlet and outlet temperatures.
  • Typical issues during this accident scenario and mitigation strategies that can be used to avoid them.

This webinar will be indispensable to anyone looking to model a Rankine cycle integrated with a reactor. With the added benefit of configuring a transient accident simulation.

Equipped with Flownex SE's essential tools to swiftly and accurately model large, intricate systems, you will be greatly aided in the licensing process for a nuclear power plant.

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