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Enhancing Turbomachinery Secondary Air System Simulation with Flownex and Ansys Mechanical Integration

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We are excited to announce a groundbreaking new feature in Flownex SE that will transform the way engineers simulate secondary air systems in turbomachinery. Join us for an exclusive webinar to discover how this powerful feature will greatly reduce simulation time, streamline your workflow, and enhance your simulation capabilities.

  • Seamless Integration: Learn how to build a Flownex network directly within Ansys Mechanical, linking it to your CAD model for a smooth, integrated simulation process.
  • Efficient Data Exchange: Discover how to export your network from Ansys Mechanical to Flownex, enabling efficient data exchange and robust simulation workflows.
  • Advanced Solver Capabilities: Understand how the Flownex solver calculates fluid temperatures and heat transfer coefficients while the Ansys Mechanical solver simultaneously computes solid temperatures, providing comprehensive analysis of your secondary air system.
  • Enhanced Simulation Analysis: See how this integration allows for quick and accurate analysis of secondary air systems in turbomachinery, optimizing performance and ensuring reliability.

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